About Us

About Us

Mike and Rio, Owner of CCC

We have been providing excellence in residential construction in the Newport and Lincoln County areas since 2006. As solar technology has improved and installation costs continue to decline and with the aid of tax credit benefits, Cascade Coast Construction now offers solar installation both residential and commercial, under the updated name of Cascade Coast Solar!

We have teamed up with Above Board Electric of Newport to bring you affordable Photovoltaic Solar to your home and business. CCS has the information you need to make an informed decision on Solar for your home or business. We service Energy Trust of Oregon Customers for Solar.

Cascade Coast Solar and Above Board Electric bring you fee-free financing and installation for your home or commercial solar projects. Our energy upgrades also include ductless heat pumps and solar hot water heating. Our solar systems typically pay for themselves and start saving you money on your energy bill in seven years to ten years, carry a 3-year system warranty and 25-year panel warranty. Join the energy revolution by tapping in to clean renewable power and help relieve environmental stress in a way you can actually see!

The system is a grid-tie design and would feed power from your panels into the electric grid, off-setting your consumption and saving you energy costs. Panels are flush mounted on the south or west facing roof, or installed on the ground. The inverter is mounted close to the electric panel in the garage or other utility room. The system does not use batteries. This system is the best balance for cost and rebates for Lincoln County and the incentives for Energy Trust of Oregon.

• The energy that is produced off sets your electric bill.
• Cascade Coast Solar will help with the paper work for these many rebates, making it simple.
• A 3.3kW system can add $17,000 to your home’s value.
• Studies have also shown that homes with solar sell 15% faster than homes without solar.


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Here is the link to a show Owner Rio Davidson did on Boss FM Radio, in Newport, Oregon, speaking about the solar installations we have done on the Oregon Coast, as well as information about the Energy Trust of Oregon Incentive Program.

Here is an article that featured Cascade Coast Solar in the Lincoln City weekly newspaper, The News Guard.

Cascade Coast Solar services Energy Trust of Oregon solar customers, as well as an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally, and is registered with the state of Oregon, Construction Contractors Board #168842.